We provide a unique set of professional investor tools and reports to enable deeper analysis of how macro-economic and business cycles have impacted an investment historically, how that investment has been managed through those cycles and importantly how an investment may be affected in the future.

We look to understand how an investment product may perform in the future. We believe it is important to focus on factors that historically have been empirically proven to affect an investment and use this knowledge to anticipate which investment products are most likely to outperform their peers going forward. It is not necessary to predict the future; instead it is important to read the past, find leading factors and indicators and focus on them as opposed to past performance.

Summary Reports

Sector Summary Reports that enable quick 'whole of market' assessment of an entire sector, allowing greater understanding of those funds that are expected to outperform and just as importantly those that are expected to underperform.

Reports incorporate traditional historic performance statistics as well as the PureGroup unique Forward Perspective analytics.

Key features

  • Quarterly reports to quickly assess a whole sector
  • Identify top and bottom investment products based on our Forward Perspective model
  • Assess macro-economic themes across sectors

Partnership with leading academics

PureGroup has partnered with Parala Capital, a firm founded by eminent US based academics, Professors Russ Wermers and Allan Timmermann, to focus solely on developing investment strategies using rigorous quantitative methodologies, based on their academic research.

Together we have developed our PureGroup Forward Perspective model that is based on an extensive body of published and highly regarded academic research.

A forward looking approach

There are a number of investment research companies that rank and assess historical fund performance. Whilst the past can offer important lessons, relying solely on what has happened could lead to disappointing returns in the future.

Our methodology systematically relates a fund’s performance to the wider business and economic conditions to find fundamental correlations that can help assess, in a statistically valid way, how that fund will perform going forward.

A factor based analysis lens

This new lens through which to assess investments enables the investment professional to focus on factors, such as interest rates, inflation and default spreads that have been proven to identify the changing characteristics of business and economic cycles and therefore impact on investment performance.

Unique analytics

This analysis provides a unique and valuable link between a fund’s performance and the wider economic and business environment. Providing the investment analyst with valuable insights and ensure that investments are appropriate and deliver the required investment outcome.

Our detailed analytics enable discovery of key insights by allowing the investment analyst to split out the returns analysis into expected return components against each factor.