Empowering a generation of investors through technology

PureGroup is an independent company delivering distribution technology solutions for the global asset and wealth industry to increase profits through growth in assets and reallocation of costs.

We provide technology solutions to support over $3 trillion of assets across 14 countries and 4 continents.

PureGroup's Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help our clients to understand how best to leverage advanced technologies, to enhance their existing workforce and increase revenue through Augmented Intelligence.

Transforming Client Engagement

With the financial world demanding more accessibility and transparency of information, PureGroup is providing the technology and services to transform the way in which the global asset and wealth industry engages and communicates internally and with its clients.


With a multi-layered and fragmented investment and savings market, communication of information between participants is slow and unstructured.

This impacts the ability of companies to provide a superior level of service to their customers who require information delivered faster, easier to understand and delivered through the use of modern more efficient technologies.

Our leading Distribution Technology is advanced in design and provides benefits to our clients in the speed and scale of deployment. Not requiring major investment in capital expenditure and on-going systems maintenance.


To generate consistent and positive returns, requires identification of those leading factors and indicators that will provide key insights on investments.

Our analytics help investment professionals innovate and differentiate their investment solutions.

What makes PureGroup unique and different?

Client engagement tools

Building technologies, research and analytics which will provide the asset management and wealth advisory industry with greater efficiencies and new ways to engage with its clients

Only technology and analytics

We are independently owned and do not manage or sub-advice client assets

Whole of market coverage

Our product coverage is whole of market allowing comparison across open, closed and exchange traded products

Highly data-driven and agnostic

Our analytics is repeatable and transparent processes that can be introduced to customer workflows and central investment propositions

Unique Forward Perspective model

Proprietary factor based analysis to provide insights into how an investment product is influenced by wider business and economic cycles

Clear presentation and simplification

Support insightful investment decisions and enhanced customer engagement