Our research approach is based on forward looking proprietary quantitative models, which ensures a scalable, repeatable and demonstrable method to assessing collective investments. It is data driven and lends itself to evidence based research which compliment analyst opinions. To achieve this we provide 'whole of market' coverage of open-ended and closed-ended funds, and exchange traded products. Our products are designed to simplify the way in which financial information can be used and presented, to support investor understanding and engagement.

The Rating has many advantages over traditional approaches. It is different by design, it takes into account more than just backward looking historical returns, it is ‘whole of market’, scalable, transparent and forward looking.

Forward rather than historic assessment

The PureGroup Forward Perspective Ratings aim to redefine the Funds Ratings industry and provide advisers and consumers with new and engaging tools which are more relevant in today’s regulatory environment.

Our statistical unbiased approach helps identify the investment products likely to be future leading performers in the current business cycle or economic climate, not just those that performed best in the past. More importantly, our analysis can help you avoid those investments that are likely to underperform in certain market conditions.

Forward Perspective Methodology

Linking business cycles to investment product performance

Changes in business cycles significantly influence asset prices and therefore the risk and reward profiles of different investment products. By identifying these leading factors, we can measure their changes and, therefore, the probable effect on the performance of specific investment products.

The PureGroup Forward Perspective Rating works by using these leading factor based indicators such as, interest rates, economic output and money supply to identify the relationship between financial markets and the evolving macro-economic environment and business cycles. These macro-economic indicators reflect changing economic conditions and will therefore often show significant correlation with price trends of different asset classes.

A 'whole of market' approach

The PureGroup Forward Perspective Rating is designed to enable quick comparison across all structures within a defined peer group, based on exposure type, e.g. UK All Companies.

It measures the likely expected return over the next 12 months for an investment product, based on its relationship with wider macro-economic and business cycles, in comparison with its peers.

Our 'whole of market' approach addresses one of the challenges for advisers and wealth managers in conducting both fair comparison and suitability across the market.

Simplified information

PureGroup has taken a fresh approach to one of the most basic industry requirements; an independent and simple information document which can be used alongside Asset Managers’ own regulatory driven documents, to support investor understanding.

Our investment 'Pure Overview Documents - PODs' are designed to simplify and standardize the way in which financial information can be used and presented, to support investor understanding and engagement. An adviser or investor has had a plethora of confusing and complex financial information to untangle. We have deliberately focused on a lean approach, focusing on what we consider to be some of the more important facts when looking at a potential investment.

What is a POD?

Key features

  • Simplified presentation of analysis on an investment product
  • Unique topline investment characteristics enable quick understanding of an investment product’s suitability
  • Comparative metrics to support investor understanding and engagement
  • New factor based analysis to extend understanding of an investment product
  • UK Open Ended FundUS Exchange Traded FundGlobal Investment Trust

Advanced factor based analytics

Incorporating the PureGroup Forward Perspective range of macro-economic analytics, the PODs show not only how an investment product has performed, but also how an investment product may perform in different market conditions and its sensitivity to key macro-economic factors.

Our approach to understanding investments helps move the discussion towards how suitable an investment product might be for the relevant client in the future, for example, how changes in interest rate or inflation would impact an investment.

Powerful Searchable Database

At the heart of our services is a comprehensive, easy to navigate, database of investment products that has been designed to enable you to quickly and efficiently search for products matching your objectives.

Believed to be one of the most extensive databases available in the marketplace, it offers information on a broad spectrum of investment products including; open ended products, closed ended products and exchange traded products. We are continually increasing our database to provide the most comprehensive information on products you may be considering for investment.

Investment Screener

Product Selector

The Product Selector enables you to quickly and efficiently search, select and compare investment products using tags and our metrics.

Use the search tool to type in the objective, or simply search out parameters to narrow down your selection in line with your risk and return requirements. For example, you may be looking for a product that accesses UK equities and at the same time will generate an income. Or perhaps you are looking for funds that have historically provided higher returns from a specific fund management group.

Tailor your Shortlist of Investments

By using our primary metrics within the Product Selector, you can compare a selection of investment products at a high level using (e.g PureResearch Forward Perspective Rating, annualised return, volatility, cost and yield).

Instantly you will be provided with a visual of these parameters allowing comparison of one investment product against similar products available in the marketplace. In addition, our powerful search and filter tools allow you to create and save personalised shortlists for further analysis.

Quick and Efficient Investment Comparison

Having carefully assessed every product, we create a summary showing a range of metrics, providing a quick interpretation of the product, and allows rapid comparison across products.

  • PureResearch Forward Perspective Rating
  • Cross product metrics - Annualised Return, Volatility, Total Cost, and Yield
  • Sparkline showing 3 year quarterly performance
  • Specific metrics – Max Loss, Risk/Return, Tracking Error